The universality of the methods used in the Waldorf Schools is clear with over one thousand schools worldwide

A Worldwide Education

Throughout the world parents have joined together to found Waldorf schools for their children. In countries as different as Japan, Russia, Australia and the USA the growing demand for Waldorf Education shows the universality of the methods used in the Waldorf Schools. In the last ten years the number of Waldorf schools has more than doubled to over one thousand schools worldwide.


European Council of Steiner Waldorf Education


Freunde der Erzienhungskunst
Friends of Waldorf Education who offer financial project support to Waldorf schools and to institutions and initiatives for education and social work which are based on Anthroposophy. They also assist volunteers in finding one-year placements in Waldorf Schools.

Great Britain
Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship

Steiner Education Australia

North America
Association of Waldorf Schools of North America
sponsored by AWSNA

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