The Teacher

The teacher aims to become a worthy authority and role model for the pupil. Commitment, care and positivity foster mutual respect and help to develop self-discipline in the child. A close study of child psychology and child development prepares the teacher to meet the different temperaments and the growth phases of each child. Waldorf teacher training also aims to develop in the teacher, a constant striving for inner mobility and empathy - essential qualities in all creative teaching. This is one of the cornerstones supporting the Waldorf ethic and reputation.

Pre-primary School Teacher

Primary School Teacher

High School Teacher

Eurythmy Teacher with pupils

It is of utmost importance that the teacher works imaginatively and is challenged to bring originality, creativity and movement into the lessons. The teacher always strives to see what the child can become as a developing moral being. It is the daily task of the teacher to look beyond the immediate situation while meeting each day with its fresh needs.

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