Training of the Teacher

As curriculum and method are highly integrated in the Waldorf approach, teacher training in all its.htmlects plays a central role. Full time Waldorf teacher training is offered in countries throughout the world. In South Africa a full time formal training for a B.Ed is available in Cape Town at the Centre for Creative Education, (

The Centre for Creative Education

Pre-Primary School Training

Prospective pre-primary teachers can study for a certificate or a diploma in Early Childhood Development.

Communication Literacy Module

Primary School Training

Prospective Primary School teachers can study for the B. Ed, Foundation and Intermediate phases in a full time or a part time program.

Example of student artistic work


A Bachelor in Dance is offered for students wishing to study Eurythmy.

Student Presentation Performance

In-Service Training

Teachers who have a conventional training, participate in continuous in-service training provided by the school. The Federation has produced a national core curriculum as a guide for the training of such teachers who are new to Waldorf education. While qualifications are important, enthusiasm and the ability to inspire the children are considered indispensable. In-service training and on-going studies are part of the work of all Waldorf teachers. Provision is made for this by the teaching faculties in the schools.

Artistic training at the national conference


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