Educating the Child towards Creative Responsibility

We cannot know the demands which the future will place upon our children, but it is clear that inner strength, intellectual flexibility, empathy and sound independent judgment will be qualities vital to their future. Rudolf Steiner’s insight on the inner nature of man and also the physical body has inspired ways in which teachers can methodically work to develop these qualities.

In a worldview where the intellect is much prized, Waldorf education searches for a more balanced picture of man, as a thinking, feeling and willing being. Every lesson, at every age, aims to address the child and later the student in this three-fold way. To facilitate this in the primary school and later the high school, the school day begins with a lively two-hour Main Lesson that is designed to evoke all three.htmlects of learning and which concentrates on one subject for a period of three to four weeks.

Evoking the faculty of thinking

Allowing the expression of feeling

Engaging the will


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