Steven White

Current Profession: Carpenter

Currently, I am living in Woodstock, Cape Town. Since leaving Waldorf School my life has taken me on an amazing journey of self discovery.

I have a carpentry / renovation company called Organic-Spaces, which keeps me and seven other people busy with all sorts of interesting projects. Previously I worked as a freelance carpenter and woodwork teacher in London, the USA and Germany, picking up local skills and lots of experience.

My time at the Waldorf School was very significant. As a deeply sensitive boy my previous schools were very strict and scary for me and I felt a constant tension. After moving to Waldorf I felt a sense of relief, a greater ability to be myself and a feeling of safety. This allowed me to relax and open up. I feel that the Waldorf School encourages one to be an individual and would say now that it allows the student to be free of society�s conditioning and expectations and therefore the student can move into the world with greater personal freedom, the ability to explore and play, greater self acceptance and most importantly, the ability to follow and be in touch with one�s own inner nature.

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